Vital Astrology is for YOUR life!

Vital Astrology was founded on the belief that everyone should have access to deeper self-understanding.

No matter if you’re from Paris or Phoenix or Zanzibar, if you had ribeye or ramen for dinner last night,  if you woke up this morning full of vigor or misery, if you’re a socialite or a shut-in, if your parents were multinational corporate heads or field laborers, we want to open more doors together with you.  If you hit any of the gray areas in between all those extremes, we want to open more doors together with you.

Vital Astrology works from the perspective that every seeker is UNIQUELY GORGEOUS.  And as soon as we recognize our own very unique gorgeousness, we can start living with it.  As a socialite, shut-in, or anything in between.

Vital Astrology neither sugarcoats nor pathologizes anything about you.  We simply look at the truth, the story of YOUR life, unflinchingly.  So come open the door.  See how uniquely gorgeous you are.